If you want my Decision, don’t make me Think!

‘If you want my decision, don’t make me think! Just tell me what to do, and I decide.’
–Any Client

Learn what it takes to be seen and respected as a true adviser to your clients. This insight takes less than 2 minutes to read, but might just help you to win your next client.

Making decisions outside of our field of expertise is hard. It is hard to choose the right path when we are not familiar with the terrain. It is hard when we are not clear about the consequences of our decisions and can’t see the bigger picture. It is hard to see the signs when we don’t know what we are looking for.

It is the moment when we hesitate that we make mistakes.
That is the moment when we seek consultation from trusted advisors. People we know to have the answers and claim to be the experts in their fields. We expect them to tell us what to do; to show us the way.

Now imagine that we are the advisors, we are the experts that clients turn to when in doubt. Clients would expect us to provide the answers they seek.

Let’s take a different look at it. 
For clients, it’s painful to take decisions on our creative suggestions. It is uncomfortable to give us that approval that we need to continue.

Clients don’t always understand the consequences of picking one option over the other. They don’t even want to take such decisions. After all, they hired us to tell them what to do.

But we keep throwing options at our clients, expecting them to tell us what they want. But they can’t. They are not the experts. But we are.

It is our obligation to lead our clients to success. We need to tell them what to do next. We need to guide them through the creative process. And we need to make sure that they don’t get stuck in procrastination.

Granting an approval should never be a hard decision for any client. Consequences should be clear because we explained them up front. Choosing a solution should be obvious because we led the decision-making process. Following our guidance should be simple.

When teaching our kids the multiplication table, we don’t expect them to catch it right away. We explain it; we wait for them to grasp it. We lead them through the thinking process before they understand the operations. We are patient, and we are responsible for their development.

If we truly want to be an advisor and a consultant to our clients, then this, is what we have to do: We have to be responsible for our client’s decisions.

We can’t just give advice and leave it to our clients to make the right decision. We shouldn’t make our clients think. We should deliver the right answer they need to make the right decision.

To guide and to lead is what clients expect us to do.
This is our business.

* * *
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