Taking a break

Dear partners, (former) colleagues and friends,

The past 6 years I have committed myself to helping Little Miss Robot grow into the exciting design studio it is today. It has been a challenging ride with many highlights as well as some disappointments of course. I’m super proud to be able to look at a portfolio of over 100 realisations in industries such as publishing, radio, tv, news, healthcare, recycling, energy, home automation, finance, education and logistics. We are one of Belgium’s leading product design agencies and I can’t express how cool this really is.

During my time at Little Miss Robot I have had the pleasure of working with a diverse group of talented digital creative experts. This has always been my number one reason to get out of bed in the morning. And while our team has changed over the years there is this one thing that has always been around: positive energy.

When clients talk about their relationship with our team, they praise the attitude. They feel that we truly care about our projects, our clients, the customer and the experiences we ship. We team up and talk openly, humbly and honestly about everything that’s going on. It’s this positive attitude that allows us to co-create and build long-term relationships with clients who value design & user experience. This is crucial for any creative agency and often proves to be extremely hard to accomplish. I take great pride in our team culture and I hope you do too.

2016 has turned out to be a great year so far. We are steady, healthy and growing faster than we predicted. Designers from all around the world apply for a job in Ghent, 80% of our business comes from existing clients and operational chaos or stress left the building. We know exactly what we’re doing and how to make great work happen together.

This is why I feel confident making the decision to take a step back. While Little Miss Robot has given me a lot to be proud of, I’m also very aware of everything it required from me. After years of hard work, building a team and getting our studio on track, I simply feel the need to slow down now. Our baby girl is expected mid September and what I want most is to enjoy the beginning of this new chapter in my life. I want to be a full-time husband and dad for a while now, without distractions and obligations. I was a bit scared to admit this, to myself in the first place, and to inform you about this. Now that I have done so, I feel relieved and grateful for all the positive reactions and the overall understanding.

I want to thank all of you for being part of my adventure and your contributions to our wonderful company.

…transfer completed

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