Eat the frog: why it’s good to do the hardest thing first

Swallow nasty things quickly, and you’ll savour your day more

Sheryl Garratt
May 4, 2020 · 6 min read
Yum, breakfast! Photography by Cathy Keifer on Shutterstock

No one enjoys eating a witchetty grub.

Eating a witchetty grub on reality TV: it’s a career choice

Eating the frog

“If you know you have to swallow a frog,” he said, “swallow it first thing in the morning. If there are two frogs, swallow the big one first.”

Which creates a new challenge.

There will always be frogs.

So I swallowed that frog.

We all have a Drawer of Doom like this, right? RIGHT? (Pic by author)

Eating your own frogs and witchetty grubs

1. The frog is simply too big to swallow in one go

2. It’s not your frog to eat

3. You need a recipe

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