The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress.
Charles Kettering

Everyday, in agencies and design practices across the world, incrimental advancements are being made that will determine the way we consume, intereact with and dissiminate information.

It’s an amazing thing to think, as a designer, any designer, anywhere in the world, we have stake in shaping the internet of tommorow. Being a designer today is like being a medical researcher, “searching for a cure to ugly, useless crap” as a Lucas W. Snell would put it.

We believe that its necessery to keep current on industry advancements and expand our thinking. By partaking in the conversation we are making a contribution that in turn feeds our own passion to innovate.

But staying OPEN is key.

Open to possibility. Open to ideation, collaboration. Open to change and to letting go of the how its always been done. Open to failure, because no failure, no progress. Open to the unknown recognizing that its in the midst of exploration and failure that lessons learned are evidence of progress being made.

So here’s to growth and discovery friends. Cheers.