A Passage Through Time (The Final 3rd Part)

The early morning of dawn was to silently herald over Jamie, in a total blissful unawareness, as she slept on into the slow dawn of a new day…

Photo by Jordan Wozniak on Unsplash

Outside the early markings of a new day were making themselves known all around. Birds were beginning to chirp from



A place for writers who like writing stories about literally anything that shows imagination. Stories that can support you in ‘getting away from it all, and the stress of real-life.’ LGBTQ+ articles are welcome too here, as our aim is to promote mindfulness and banish the stigma.

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Jonathan Townend, RMN

Jonathan Townend, RMN

Top Writer in Space. Mental Health nurse turned writer. Founder of Creative Passions publication. Writing is a very powerful tool if you let it into your life.