My Beautiful Life.

Though It May Not Be Beautiful To Some.

I have a very busy life, sometimes to the point of stressful.

I am writer, carer, mum, grandma, my daughters support system, student, cleaner, playpal for my extremely lively grandson, and comforter to my beautiful baby granddaughter.

There have been recent days when the day ended too fast, and it felt like I didโ€ฆ



Writers who enjoy writing stories about literally anything that shows imagination. Stories that can support you in โ€˜getting away from it all, and the stress of real-life.โ€™ LGBTQ+ articles are welcome too here, as our aim is to promote mindfulness and banish the stigma.

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Carol Townend

I write about all kinds of things, and I love fiction of all kinds. Where creativity exists; there will always be me.