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My Son’s Story: Part 4

My Family Has ‘Eccentric Personality Disorders’

Understanding schizoid personality and schizophrenia: How to treat it

A photo of Me and my Son. Disclaimer: the gun is a fake…a (legal) Beebee gun, used to stage a private IG story called “This Is America

It’s not that bad

I wrote a letter to my son’s teachers.

Good Morning,
At Midnight yesterday Jack (not his real name it’s his imaginary…




A place for writers who like writing stories about literally anything that shows imagination. Stories that can support you in ‘getting away from it all, ‘from the stressors of real-life. LGBTQ+ articles are welcome too here, as our aim is to promote mindfulness and stigma.

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Jaja Requa

Self-Help Junky, Spiritual Journalist & Lover of Wisdom. I’m committed to touch, move & inspire the world. Join me here

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