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To each their own.


Art illustration: @arn-story Anu Nandakumar

For me this is the way

For you it is not.

For you that is the way,

For me it is not.

Yes, it is not universal,

I clearly understand that.

But we can all co-exist I say!



Cancel culture!

  • Have a wonderful day ❤️

-These tags are not getting recognized — #Affirmative action #equal under law #perils of homogeneity




A place for writers who like writing stories about literally anything that shows imagination. Stories that can support you in ‘getting away from it all, ‘from the stressors of real-life. LGBTQ+ articles are welcome too here, as our aim is to promote mindfulness and stigma.

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Anu Nandakumar

Anu Nandakumar

All about us and our way of life.

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