Toucan Love


Perching on to the branch of tree,
Waiting around for the stroll,
The details in those cuddly wings,
Calling out the near ones!

With short legs that hold,
Hollows as home,
Woodpecker is the friend,
That built it in trend.

Residing in one place,
Wrestling and sparring to fend,
Quite social in groups,
Pair lays out light color eggs.

Happy little family,
Gets insects as food.
Juvenile at mind,
Fruits are the true calling!

Colorful disposition,
Simple life,
Small priorities,
Content and safe.

Have a wonderful weekend ❤❤❤


~Anu ☺️☺️☺️

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Anu Nandakumar

All about us and our way of life. “Manasa vacha and Karmana” (our thoughts, spoken words and action) in sync are key to harmony. Good intention is good karma!