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You Must Be Depressed: Why I Am Tired Of Hearing This.

Everybody has an occasional bad day. Does this really mean we have to be labelled as depressed all of the time?

Photo by Dushane white on Unsplash

When I woke up this morning, I felt a little down. Yes, I suffer from depression though I am not always feeling depressed.

Things get a little awkward…




A place for writers who like writing stories about literally anything that shows imagination. Stories that can support you in ‘getting away from it all, ‘from the stressors of real-life. LGBTQ+ articles are welcome too here, as our aim is to promote mindfulness and stigma.

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Carol Townend

Carol Townend

I write about all kinds of things, and I love fiction of all kinds. Where creativity exists; there will always be me.

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