Some Thoughts on Google Adwords and Adsense

If you have ever been on Digital Marketoshpere, then you probably heard about Google Adwords.

And you may also know that it has something to do with Ads on google.

Well. You are right.

It has to do with Ads on Google. Don’t confuse with Google Adsense though.

Google Adwords is an Online Advertising tool created by Google so that the businesses can advertise their products/service or events or anything else through the Google Networks.

Whereas, Adsense is the program run by Google to help bloggers and other websites monetize their sites by agreeing to be on the Google Network.

Here’s the difference:

Adwords is for Businesses. Adsense is for Bloggers/Website Owners.

When you use Adwords, you have to pay to google so that it keep showing your company’s ads on it’s network (both search and display network).

When you use Adsense on you site, Google will pay you whenever user clicks through the Ad link on your site.

What goes on with Google Adwords?

Using Google Adwords, you design an Ad campaign. Within Campaigns are Ad groups, and within Ad groups are Keywords.

Whenever the users from somewhere (targeted of course) searches for the keyword that you decide to put on your Ad Campaign, an Ad according to how how you designed will be displayed.

Although this might sound simple, there are various nitty gritty details that need to be considered to run a successful Adwords campaign.

What goes on with Google Adsense?

To use Adsense, you simply need to set up a Google Adsense account.

And then, connect that account with the website or blog where you want Ads to be shown. Then guess what?

You are paid for every clicks that get on Ads from your site.

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