Meaghan Delahunt

Viccy Adams
Creative Scotland Literature
1 min readApr 26, 2021


Photo of the writer Meaghan Delahunt sitting on stone steps, one hand resting casually on the wrought iron railing in front of her
Meaghan Delahunt. Photo credit: Ian Macintosh

In 2019, I began Motherlandia — the first draft of a non-fiction book exploring mother-daughter relationships, creativity and love through the prism of death and dying. When the pandemic hit last year, when death was scything through, I just couldn’t get back to it.

This year, with the vital support of a Creative Scotland grant, I hope to finish this book.

What does ‘the death of the mother’ mean for a daughter on a personal level? More broadly — how is such a death experienced culturally, historically, and spiritually? What is ‘complicated grief’ and what does it mean to watch your mother die? In this current historical period, when women have been hard hit by Covid — these questions have greater resonance. The book draws on personal experience but also more broadly on my experience as a writer in hospices. It is a book which deals with grief, loss and hope.

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