Noelle Harrison & Becky Sweeney

Viccy Adams
Creative Scotland Literature
2 min readDec 7, 2020


Smiling selfie of writers Becky Sweeney on left and Noelle Harrison on right, both wearing sunglasses & bathed in sunlight
photo credit Noelle Harrison

Noelle Harrison and Becky Sweeney have received funding to develop the Dare to Be interactive tarot deck. This digital set of 78 cards will harness the unique, symbolic language of tarot and present it in an accessible format. Each card will feature an original illustration accompanied by a short story, written by Noelle and Becky.

The essence of each illustration — and the figure depicted within that illustration — will correlate with the symbol associated with their tarot card. They intend to celebrate diversity, represent the struggles and the triumphs of the outsider and honour those who dare to be.

Inspired by their play Witches’ Gets, the deck will represent marginalised groups from the past and present: women, queer people, BIPOC, etc. Freedom fighters, witches, grandmothers, rock stars, saints, sinners, legends and forgotten souls will all come together in a powerful collection of inspiring illustrations and stories.

The deck will be crafted with three purposes in mind: for use as a traditional tarot deck, for cartomancy or divination; to celebrate lesser known inspirational figures and to represent marginalised groups or people with their stories at the centre of the meaning of the card; as writing prompts or ‘building blocks’ for writers to plot and create their own fiction.

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