7 Things That Made Me Stop And Think This Week.

Creative Sparks: #13

1. The 5 Most Valuable Skills You Can Develop For Free by Josh Spector

I never thought of these skills as actual skills. But now thinking about it, these are the building blocks of many other skills.

2. 3 Things Copywriters Can Learn From Dr Seuss by Natalie Howells

Dr Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham’s story is a much-lauded example in the creativity-under-constraints world.

  • Intentionally harness literary techniques like repetition in your copy to drive home your message when applicable
  • Write simply

3. How To Be More Vulnerable In Your Writing by Tom Kuegler

This is something I struggle with and probably why the words haven’t been coming as freely in recent weeks as they were previously.

Realize people don’t care as much as you think they do.

Tom Kuegler puts it simply.

4. What If Our Addictions Are What Makes Us Successful? by Niklas Göke

All worldly success follows from channeling our addictions.

The title of this article literally hit me with a sledgehammer.

  • When you’re not at class, you voluntarily look up articles on yoga philosophy and envision poses in your head
  • You make sure that you get connected with the yoga community to exchange tips to deepen your practice or just for some plain ol company of like-minded people as you journey down this road
  • You look up yoga teachers and watch their training sessions all in the vision of getting better at yoga.

“I don’t think people without these minor addictions exist. But I also don’t believe this mythical, balanced person is an ideal we’re meant to aspire to.

Excessively engaging with the world is our way of dealing with the ridicule of the cosmos

Is a balanced life one of mediocrity?

5. Work by Ask Olive

I don’t know why part of me is drawn to advice columns like Ask Polly by Heather Havrilesky.

6. The Formula: Give. Save. Live. by Nathan Hastings-Spaine

“Any action we perform consistently over an extended period of time has the compounding effect.”

The effects of your good and bad habits won’t be apparent immediately. However, give enough time and it’s effects will appear.

Those who planted seeds and watered them consistently throughout the decades will have healthy green grass and the rest will have crabgrass.

This is a reminder to me to start small, keep it consistent and stay the course, even if I don’t see any noticeable effects.

7. Fuck Your “Planning” by Kris Gage

I am a planner.

We’re socialized to “plan,” and that’s fine. But when you start to idealize the plan, spending more time and focus on perfecting it than executing, it becomes a problem.

Planning is not the same as taking action.



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