Taking the time to unplug

Creative Sparks: #21

7 Articles around the Web that made me stop and think

1. This Tumblr Explanation of Men’s Emotional Needs Might Encourage You to Compliment the Men in Your Life More Often

2. The 200 Writing Prompts & Ideas That Get Me Through Each Year by Simone Michaud

3. How Dictionary.com’s Twitter account got so cleverly woke — Fast Company.

“We aim to provide [Twitterers] context and a deeper understanding of the words they see being used by celebrities, by news organizations, even by their own friends and family,”

Jeanne Safer, social media editor of dictionary.com

4. Empty Your Cup: A Zen Proverb on Opening Yourself to New Ideas by Melissa Chu

The scholar cried “Stop! The cup is full already. Can’t you see?”

“Exactly,” the Zen master replied with a smile. “You are like this cup — so full of ideas that nothing more will fit in. Come back to me with an empty cup.”

5. Unless they’re true: Dwight Garner’s favorite quotations, in conversation with each other — TLS

6. How to Write a Full Novel on Your Phone by August Birch

7. Twenty-Five Useful Thinking Tools by Scott Young

A quote that made me think:

Retweet does not, as they say on Twitter, necessarily equal endorsement. Dwight Garner

Books I’m reading:

  • I finished reading and reviewing Jenny Han’s whimsical YA romance novel To All The Boys I Loved Before.
  • I also completed Kathryn Stockett’s The Help, a riveting tale of black housekeepers in a racially segregated America in the 1960s. Made me think about how we treat our foreign domestic workers; especially in a country like Singapore. Review coming soon!
  • Slowly working through one of my favorite behavioral psychologist’s Dan Ariely’s new book — Dollars and Sense.



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