Why You Are Frustrated With Your Goal

Are your expectations in line with the reality?

June Leung
Creative Thoughts


Recently, I have been working hard on the self-improvement side. I have a few pounds to shred for health reasons, articles to write, and books to edit. Sometimes when I have the time to think about it, it feels like I am not going anywhere.
I am trying to up my productivity. When I find out whether I go to the gym or not, I end up completing the same amount of work in a day. Something with how I am spending time can be improved. It is then I find out I have stopped using my journal for a while.
For me, there is a major reason I fell off the planner path. Hopefully, it will speak to you.

Do you like the idea or the process?

When I start a new journal or planner, I enjoy decorating and preparing the spread that I should be using for the coming days. For the first few days, I use the planners religiously. But then eventually I give up on them.

I like the idea of having a planner and the idea that it will help me with productivity and achieving more. The problem is, I am not sold on the process of planning out my day earlier and evaluating it by the end of a day.
For my planner, I need a smoother process and I need it to be easy enough it doesn’t feel like I am taking out extra time to get it done.

They said you should have your eye on the goal. But I suggest you should also look at the process of getting to where you want. Are you in love with the result but not what you need to do to achieve it?

It will be easy if your goal is the same as the process, but a lot of times, those are different. Take completing a book and publishing it as an example.
To have a completed book, it will take writing the words, fixing errors, and working with a good editor. Sometimes you can also let a few people read it and give you feedback before you do the edits.
This process is a lot more complex than holding a book in your hand. Do you like having a book in your hand? Or do you enjoy the process of writing and editing?

It is not going to be an easy ride, otherwise, everyone will be achieving their dreams. When you look behind the goal you want, are you willing to put in the effort and survive the process? Part of the process will be enjoyable, but some may not be that great.
If you have an accurate idea of where you are going and what you need to get there, it will be easier to reach the destination.

To conclude, when you set up a goal, be sure to also evaluate what will it takes to get there. Make sure you like the process or at least you can put in the effort needed before you start your journey.