You Don’t Deserve Anything (In The Online World)

June Leung
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4 min readFeb 17, 2021


This article has a focus on content creation and social media, not with basic needs and those types of things.

We all want to have things we don’t have at the moment. There are times where we thought we have been working hard, but still, we aren’t getting what we want. Is it easier or harder to know that we don’t deserve anything and no one owed us?

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The content creation and social media games are hard. There’s no doubt to it. I’ve been seeing videos and posts like this for years: Is it too late to start on (fill in social media platform name) in (fill in the year). We all wanted attention and success when it comes to doing things online, at least most people want that. It is OK to admit that we all wanted something more than somewhere to put our content, otherwise, why not keep articles on our computer and hard disk but go to the Internet?

It would be great if we can just put things out there and get others’ attention. But when we are on the opposite side, we know it is not that simple. How many times have you scrolled through social media, scanning over posts, articles, and videos that you don’t really pay attention to nor even care about? While every piece of content we passed through is (hopefully) made with passion and a lot of effort from the creator, we wouldn’t put the same level of care into every one of them. This sparks the question, are we acting entitled when we go out there and claimed that we deserved attention/ fame/ money from the internet?

It is crazy when you put in more thought to how the internet allowed most of the things we create to even see the light of the day. There is no better time to post content online or to make a name for yourself. Imagine walking on the street and pulling random people who you read to or you talk to. It would be difficult to repeat the same thing for the tenth time, but you can put up a video or an article like this one which thousands could read. Not to mention a lot of times, those platforms are free to use (I know they have their ways of generating profit, but it is not the topic at hand).

When we put out content, not only we should provide value for the consumer, we also have to convince them we aren’t wasting their precious time. Think of it, we are asking for the seconds or the minutes they would never take back. If we ourselves don’t go through everything, who are we to ask the audience to give us our time?

When we are starting out, sometimes our work is simply not there yet. Our audience didn’t owe us success. Instead, we should be trying to get better so that we deserve their time.

The Solution

As with the ease of posting things online and showing your work to people who had no idea who you are, what you can do is to make things better that would deserve their time. We can’t make people pay attention nor could we control what they are interested in, but we can control what we are putting out there. If we put out value, make people’s lives better, it is hard to stay undiscovered.

Having the mindset that we don’t deserve anything when it comes to the online world, it is easier and freeing to create what we are passionate about and to keep at it. It allows us to be grateful for any attention we get from our work and to be grateful for whoever stopped by and listened/ read.

If there’s something you wanted, you have to put in the time to do it. Before your skill is up there, stop asking like you deserve anything. Social media and the internet is more like a machine (it literally is), so you have to put in the good stuff before it will give you the result you wanted. So sit down and create.

It is hard to create good content. It is harder to create good content time after time. It is even harder to create content time after time and keep at it for years to come.

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