You Have A List Of Goals, Now What?

It is time to start, but what should you work on first?

June Leung
Creative Thoughts


Almost every year, every one of us wants to set up new goals. Sometimes, we get ambitious and we want to be a new self. Yet, it is not a surprise to know that most of our goals eventually fail. Then some wait for the next year for a fresh start. What if you don’t want to keep failing?

Having a clear vision of your goal

It is easy to write down a laundry list of everything you want to achieve in one year, but I urge you to carefully look over them. You have a limited time and effort and every one of your goals will demand regular up-keeping. I have an article about process vs. goal, which you may find useful.

The Cornerstone Habit

After the first step, maybe you already pick out a few goals that are the most important for you. And if you have gone through the article above, you may have a better idea of what you will be working on. If you don’t have the time now, to be quick, you have to break down your goals before you know what you have to do to bring you closer to your destination.

Some of your goals will require habits to accomplish. And within those habits, some habits will easily branch out to facilitate other habits.

For myself, I had an injury to my lower back for a while. When I recovered and headed back to the gym, it was easy to implement habits such as cutting out snacks, waking up early so that I have the time. And after cutting out snacks, I looked into eating healthier and in a way that will support my new lifestyle.

In your list, maybe there are also some habits like this you should implement first. Remember to start small so that you can build in the positive momentum. It is a lot harder to do everything new at once, but if you take small steps, you will last longer and your new habit may stick better. If you are getting better with the first habit, you can always add more and feel better with your progress. A small step is always better than no step.

To conclude, from your list of goals, identify habits needed for the goals and choose the most important ones to start. Start with simple and easy tasks so that you can keep going.