10 Resume Templates That are Worth Your Time

When you ambitiously begin searching for resume templates on the internet, you may hit a brick wall. Why? Because there is a massive overflow of resume templates that are missing one little detail to be just right, and the ones that are usually have a price tag. For any of you that got discouraged along the way, I persisted and found the nice people that work hard but sometimes don’t get the visibility they deserve.

If you find yourself wondering “What kind of resume defines me as a person?” (guess the reference), you might simply need a different kind of approach. Knowing the ever growing importance of resume appearance, I gathered these 10 templates that I found to have particularly well-shaped personalities.

  1. The “Pop of Color”

2. The “Minimal”

3. The “Material Design Fan”

4. The “Unconventional”

5. The “Central”

6. The “Professional Feminine”

7. The “Neutral”

8. The “Modern Lefty”

9. The “Little Black Dress”

10. The “Stylish Basic”

And last, but not least:

The “It looks like I put effort into this, but I actually didn’t”

If you know any other cool templates, feel free to leave a comment and add more to the list!