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What’s With All the Dogs?

How to up the cuteness factor in your fiction

Photo by Joe Caione on Unsplash

People love animals.

Some of my earliest memories involve visiting the zoo in the city where I grew up, Edinburgh. I was obsessed with the enormous African elephants, the cute pudu, and the big cats. And then there were the penguins, which were sometimes taken out on parade




This is J. F. Danskin’s personal publication. I aim to establish a set of articles with resources that can help authors and poets to develop their creative work. From idea generation, to the craft of authoring a book, to release and marketing, you will find it here.

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JF Danskin

JF Danskin

Author of the fantasy LitRPG ‘Sparta Online’ series. I blog about the craft of creative writing, and share stories too. Links:

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