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Darwin Talk: Blockchain & the Internet of Things

By Lance Koonce

Thanks to Evolve Law for inviting me to do a podcast on blockchain tech and the Internet of Things. It’s similar to a short talk I did in April at the New York County Lawyers Association. Here a link to the podcast: CLICK HERE.

If you happen to be in the UK in early June, looks like there’s an afternoon conference focusing on Blockchain-based IoT security, sponsored by a consortium called Chain of Things. Might be worth checking out.

Also of interest might be this article on Deloitte’s effort to put warranties on the bitcoin blockchain.



Musings on Distributed Applications for the Arts and Beyond

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Lance Koonce

Father, Tech/IP Lawyer, Dis(Mis?)placed Carolinian. Tweets about #IP #blockchain #bitcoin #AI #VR #privacy #NYCtech