The Dancing Palm Tree

Its been a while i blogged, but somewhere in my brain i had been wanting to blog about something but can’t seem to get an idea of what to blog about so I sat staring at a set of Palm trees out of my office window swaying under the influence of the wind and them suddenly a caged picture of similar experience emerged from somewhere in my mind and i decided to blog about it.

My home town is fraught with palm trees of different shapes and sizes, with some towering like skyscraper into the sky. I remember often time sitting down quietly to observe these trees whenever the wind comes around. The amazing thing about them is usually the elegance with which the gently sway from side to side as though they where about to break, but them they return to their initial position. Its a kind of silent rhythm or dance to some kind of ritual song only known to them. I have observed a lot more in different scenarios even much more in turbulent wind storm. Still one thing remains amazing about the Palm tree, It always return to where it was before the wind came by, kind of like resilient in nature and that has inspired me a lot about life generally.

Its pretty much easy to think you are strong when things generally seemed working for you and you can dole out comforting words to people who are hurting, but then i must say that the most comforting words anyone can get is from people who have had similar experiences and have somehow found inner strength to get over their predicaments. I always remind myself of the dancing palm tree whenever i get to pass through experiences that really inconveniences me. I always tell myself that though i may be swayed right-left-center-down and even more down. i will bounce back like the palm tree because when the wind comes and pushes them down, they remain down for as long as the wind can hold them down, but when the strength of the wind begin to ebb, they begin to return to their initial position. Nature itself is filled with things that we should be learning from, but it takes people with hindsight to learn from the wealth of its inspirational endowments. Oh i remember a novel i once read with that title in primary school but the context is quit different from what i am talking about.

This story was originally posted on my personal blog