Alan Aurmont
Apr 6, 2016 · 1 min read


A tautogram (Greek: tauto gramma, “same letter”) is a kind of constrained writing in which all words start with the same letter. The difference between a tautogram and alliteration is that tautograms are a written, visual phenomenon, whereas alliterations are a phonetic one.

For example:

  • “circle segment” alliteration✔️ tautogram❌
  • “crazy child” alliteration❌ tautogram✔️
  • “honest Honduran” alliteration❌ tautogram✔️
  • “honorable honesty” alliteration✔️ tautogram✔️

“Sept suprêmes sanglots”

(Alan Aurmont, 2016)

Samedi soir, séjournant sur son sofa satiné, se sentant serein, Serge survolait ses scripts signalés.
Sa soeur Sophie, souriant, sirotait son soda saumâtre, sifflait sans suspension.
Serge, sérieux, stimulé, saisit son stylo, souffla “Super! Succès! Sapristi!”
Si seulement Sophie savait son secret! Sa soeur, semblant surprise, susurra “Serge!”
Serge sévèrement somma “Silence!”
Sophie, soupirant, sanglotant, sortit seule, sans sourire, sans soda.
Serge sacrifiant sa sérénité, supplia “Sophie! Stop! Sophie!”
“Sinon?” sanglota Sophie.
“Serge sera super seul sans sa soeur” singea Serge sarcastiquement, sans sensibilité.
Sophie snoba son sarcasme sadique, se sauva, son souffle saccadé suscitant sept suprêmes sanglots spasmodiques sacrément sonores.

Creative Writing

Creative writing by Alan Aurmont

Alan Aurmont

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Creative Writing

Creative writing by Alan Aurmont

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