Carlos Revilla: Operation Smile 24

Yesterday there was an art exhibit at the Marriot in Miraflores. There were 36 paintings and the majority were quite amazing. They were all unique somehow — even though some had similar ideas, for example; the dolphin ones, although each beautiful in their own way — they all somehow represented a part and a mixture between the artist and the kid they were painting with. There was even a very well made — and amazingly creative —painting inspired on the show Adventure Time.

There were kids ranging from ages 2 (who was the youngest of the group I believe) to 18, some of them were kids that had been helped by operation smile. Then there was this girl who’d painted a remarkably detailed picture of a woman sitting in a couch emotionless with a small tree and flying pigs around her. I didn’t quite understand the meaning of it but the painting itself was outstanding and so perfect.

As the time went by we slowly approached number 24. That was my number, when it was my time to get up on the stage and somewhat explain what inspired me to paint the lady with the flowers and the lance — which I’ve been told resembles the German Flag.

I watched as they took the piece up to the stage, they presented it as “Metamorfosis” by Carlos Revilla and myself. And then they asked me to go to the stage. I explained the painting. I told them it was a picture showing the delicacy of a growing woman, and the flowers representing the difference between what is acceptable for women and what is acceptable for men (not being able to explain further because of many kids’ presence) and how women, like the woman in the picture defending herself with the lance, should defend themselves against the judgement of men and other women as well until we women have the same right and are thought of as equal by all.

We auctioned “Metamorfosis” at the starting point of 500 dollars, like all the other paintings made. Every time a paddle would come up another 100 dollars were added to the bid. In less than three minutes, the price had gone up to 4500 dollars, my mother and a lady sitting two rows in front of her had been fighting over the painting after the others gave up when the 4000’s came along.

My mother won the bid at 4600 dollars, which will be able to cover six operations and help pay some of another one. My mother was quite happy with the painting although had mixed feelings about the price of it. The most expensive piece of the whole exhibit had been in the 3000’s, whereas mine had topped it by quite a lot actually — I truthfully had to thank Carlos for that though — but I was quite happy because of it, my mother although quite proud wasn’t so happy that my piece had gone up so high when she was the one who’d wanted to purchase it, being my mother and all.

It was an amazing experience, although quite time-consuming. It is something that I would definitely do again. I quite liked it.