ICC Mural: Senior Year

This year I was signed up on over half of the shifts, mostly all of them honestly and over ten hours. Not that I was bothered or anything. This is honestly the one thing I look forward to every year—and I can’t believe that this was our last one. I learned so incredibly much from this mural, including things much like standing up for our crew (which I’ll mention later), and can honestly say had pretty much the best time I ever did.

I don’t even know where to begin. Our mural sucked, like, really, really sucked. We were supposed to be greek house themed and therefore painted the walls red and white (our two main colors), as well as trying to implement that on the sky, which more than clearly did not work at all. It was disastrous, and all because of the bad planning and the input of way too many people who did nothing but judge the hard work of the people who took time out of their own schedules to design this. We didn’t really realize any of this until it was way too late though. More than half of the mural was painted by the time we realized that the mural overall looked like quite the blood bath.

On Wednesday, four days before we had to finish the mural, and after we had wasted around 6 hours of our time, we decided to come together and tell our entire class that we would be taking things from here, because all they’d done so far had been complaining and not coming up with any kind of solution. Also, this was the mural that was going to be displayed in our graduation ceremony and we would not like anything other than have something that we can be proud of, rather something that was painted according to the original sketch to win the competition (it was part of a competition called ICC explained in prior blogs about the mural). And so we went ahead.

The mural captains, Nayoung and Jose Ignacio, and then Sofía and I changed the mural drastically. We experimented with the sky until completing the look we wanted, we changed the colors of the house and made everything beige, among thousands of other minor details, And after four days, there was a complete 360—not only in our personalities as having changed this to make something amazing motivated us completely—but the mural did look quite stunning after all.

Sophomore mural (left) and Senior mural (right)
Junior mural (left) and Freshmen mural (right)

Although we did not win the first place entirely, as we tied for it with the Sophomores—because of not following our original design and not including red or white as the main colors—we were all so incredibly proud of the effort and input every single person that worked in it placed. The picture above does no justice to what the mural actually was. And all the incredible detail that there is to every single thing; even the grass, which was drawn one by one. I had never been more proud of the “og” mural crew (Jose, Nayoung, Sofía and I) than this year. It was truly one of the most amazing experiences and one of my most cherished high school ones.