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Creaton: Our Mission

Beginning in 2018 and extending into 2019, numerous reports began to appear of Creators having their account pulled down from various platforms like Patreon, YouTube, and others.

While some of the pressure was triggered by advertisers and payment processors, many Creators are adamant their content did not violate prior or updated Terms of Service. Many Creators did not, and still do not, receive a warning prior to a suspension or ban. For the privilege of using these platforms, Creators are expected to give up 20–50% of revenue to be treated in this manner.

As a result, we started to look into building an alternative.

Between then and now a few others have taken a stab at creating a new, Creator-focused platform that would offer an alternative. However for all their strengths and effort, other platforms:

  • Do not secure content at rest or in transit
  • Do not offer either recurring or streaming payments
  • Do not have robust membership management mechanisms

So despite the existence of other Web 3.0-based platforms, we still wanted to build a new, better solution that offered all the benefits of existing centralized solutions without the drawbacks. At the time, the lack of a subscription protocol halted the work.

After allowing some time for developer tools, standards, and other protocols and technologies to mature, finally all the tools we needed are now available! Better yet, we can integrate them all together to create a fully baked solution that allows Creators and Fans to come together in a way that protects privacy, puts Creators fully in control of their content, allows Fans to pay for that content without allowing intermediaries to stifle expression, and leverage innovative technologies like non-fungible tokens to deliver content securely, in whole, and permanently.

These technologies also allow Creators to fork the code, deploy their own platform, or simply shift over to another platform that supports common blockchain standards. We don’t feel a company can be truly Creator-first without giving Creators the power to have ownership of content, move to a different platform, and take their Fans with them very easily if they see a better fit.

Your content, your relationships. The Law of Mobility applied to data and platform portability.

If blockchain technology is able to achieve its promise of helping billions of unbanked people achieve greater freedom, agency and financial autonomy, then Creaton will be the go-to platform for content sharing and monetization because, for a variety of jurisdictional, legal, and third-party induced reasons, traditional firms simply cannot accomplish this. Although blockchains do not solve problems on their own, Creaton feels that Web 3.0 technology offers the most natural way to move societies and economies forward; to an ownership-driven world where platforms will be far more competitive and forced to improve because they don’t own the most powerful leverage point anymore, your data!

With your help, participation, and feedback Creaton can offer Creators and Fans tools to help improve content distribution, monetization, build communities, and more. A platform where Creators have a real voice in its future. We are just getting started with features like Creator Points/Tokens used to gauge a fan’s commitment level, gamification that offers Fans more privileges, the ability to host any type of media permanently, and much more.

Join us now to help build the Creator Economy of the future, right here on Creaton. 💪

Join the Discord to get in the Early Beta Access waitlist!



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