5 Ways to Connect Authentically with your Audience through Live Video

Josh Greenway
Nov 21, 2019 · 3 min read

The best way to connect with your live stream followers is one on one, but who has the time?

Here are 5 tips for creating a personal connection with your community:

1. “When you try making something for everyone, you attract no one”

The biggest creators in the world speak to vast audiences and cover a wide range of topics. The reason why is that they’ve built a track record with their millions of followers. But they had to start somewhere. Laser focus on what you know and love, to provide relevant, meaningful and consistent content. Be an expert in what you’re streaming, and you’ll have an instant connection with an audience that relates to the subject matter.

2. Find your biggest fans

If you’re into something, be it MTG, Fifa, Alan Moore, or Twilight Sparkle, chances are there are lots of other fans as well. And those fans find places to gather. Search for Reddit pages, Facebook groups, Twitter hashtags or Medium articles on your favourite subject. Interact, comment, ask questions, and make friends. You’ll be able to attract fans from those groups to your platform of choice. If you keep tip #1 in mind, and stay on subject and have something relevant to say, you’ll be a welcome addition to the ecosystem.

3. Interact, Invite, and Engage

When you live stream, make it a two-way broadcast. Ask questions, shout out answers, and invite topic suggestions, feedback and conversation. It’s called social media for a reason. Make it personal and interactive. Share your love of the subject matter. You’ll get plenty of love back. Using STAGE TEN, you can invite viewers to become stream guests with no downloads or registration required. Inviting followers into your stream, live and on screen, will provide a personal connection like no other. Not only will you create a unique engagement experience for your guests, but you’ll create a halo effect; and your audience will see it as a fun experience and want to appear on the broadcast as well.

4. Make yourself available

Your live streams should be easy to find. Make a schedule and stick with it. Broadcast across multiple social channels. Keep those streams going even if no is watching at a given time; the great thing about live streams is they immediately become VOD content once you’re done. Also, be responsive to emails and direct messages, and you’re more likely to connect. Help someone out who reaches out directly, and odds are you’ve created a loyal fan.

5. Keep it Real

Putting yourself out there is an endlessly creative and personal journey, but if there’s one thing that resonates the most, it’s authenticity. If people see that you’re into something as much or more as they are, that’s the stuff connections are made from. Speak from the heart, follow your interests, and think about what you’d like to see as a fan. That’s the formula for success.

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