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Here’s why every Creator should have a business bank account

Creator Cash is now available on the App Store and Google Play Store. And we’re launching a suite of financial tools built for Creators this year. Schedule a quick call with us to learn more.

Creators are brands and businesses. As you continue to share content with your audiences, you’re building a customer base. You earn income, and you often invest in yourself. Because the Creator career can be seen as non-traditional, there’s not a whole lot of documentation on financial literacy from the Creator business perspective. We want to change that.

One of the pillars of financial literacy is managing your money, and the best way to do that is with a bank account. A business bank account. Keep in mind, PayPal and Venmo don’t count. They’re great ways to send and receive money, but they’re not bank accounts. So, here’s why Creators should have a separate business bank account.

Keep your business and personal spending separate

Separating your spending is important to make things easier for you to manage the taxes and income side of your business. No one likes to file taxes — unless you’re a finance Creator who specializes in tax season. And in the case that you’re not, you can prepare for your upcoming tax season by separating your spending and keeping your income all in one place.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you’ll be prepared if your business is ever audited—an unfortunate possibility. A separate bank account creates a clear record, so you’ll have proof on your business revenue and spend.

Prepare for your future growth

Whether you’re a Creator on Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube, you have a lot more growth and success to come. You might decide to expand and sell merch or collaborate with big brands. You can prepare for the growth by having a business bank account.

It’ll makes managing personal and business spending easier—especially if your income is coming from different streams. You’ll be better prepared to make budget and other decisions when you understand what your brand is bringing in.

Establish professionalism & credibility

As you grow, you’ll be meeting with brands and agencies trying to scope out partnerships. You’ll be offering more content to your audiences to diversify your income. You might even find yourself paying other people down the line. A business bank account can help you maintain credibility in all of these situations.

Keeping your accounts separate will underline your dedication to your brand. It’ll help establish you as a serious Creator who is able to accept and send payments from their brand—not just from Venmo.

Develop healthy business & financial habits

Dedicating yourself to your business will help you develop good habits that will help you achieve success. For example, managing your spending will help you create budget goals and start considering your brand’s return on investment or ROI. You’ll be able to see how much you’re making, spending, and returning on. Did your new, expensive camera increase your views? Or is it more worth your money to spend on an editor? These are questions that a healthy owner is asking about their business.

A business bank account also increases your confidence with finances and help you get access to other benefits. Did you know that building credit is just as important in your business as it is in your personal life? Developing good habits will help you build your business credit, giving you access to higher credit limits and better borrowing rates.

Financial literacy can be intimidating for everyone, but getting started with a business bank account is the first step in being able to handle the basics and growing your brand.

Creator Cash is now available on the App Store and Google Play Store. And we’re launching a suite of financial tools built for Creators this year. Schedule a quick call with us to learn more.



Creator Cash has been in the digital media space for years, and it’s paid out more than $175 million to 750K creators. Now, Creator Cash is doing something a bit different: helping creators and influencers run their businesses.

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