Mike Han — Artist

Creators and Keepers S1 E5

In this episode we interview Detroit painter, muralist, chef, and all-around creative force Mike Han. CultureVerse worked with Han in 2021 and 2022 to develop “The House of Han from A to D”, a virtual and physical gallery experience embodying Han’s artistic vision through the fusion of his paintings, 3D immersive environments, NFTs, VR, AR and more. This deep and insightful conversation with a rising star in the art world is a must-listen, especially for anyone exploring what it means to be an artist, developing a personal vision, or facing the challenges of creating something new and meaningful.

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Creators and Keepers is an episodic interview series created by CultureVerse, a Michigan-based charity that uses 3D scanning and immersive technologies to support artists, educators, and preservationists.

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CultureVerse combines technological know-how, intense enthusiasm, and deep respect, to support the makers and keepers of art, culture, and knowledge.