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An Ode to Lists

And how to publish your very own on Medium

Here’s how to get started with lists

Medium’s group product manager Jacqueline Yue wrote a helpful 3 Min Read explainer, which walks you through the beta lists feature, step-by-step:

Lists are a useful way to showcase your portfolio of work and expertise

I’ve noticed many writers pinning an index, or table of contents, to the top of their profile, to showcase their interests and expertise. Now, you can easily create lists to help others explore collections of your work. For example, writer and editor Stephen Moore, curated separate lists for stories he wrote for publications, Marker and Forge:

Lists are a great tool to surface trends, the greatest hits, or “best of” type of stories

Lists help validate why an idea is actually part of a greater trend; they also contextualize why something is important. For example, brand strategist Tabarak Khan curated stories that highlight how we thrive on and fight capitalism at the same time in her list, It’s Not You, It’s Capitalism.

When organized by larger themes, lists can serve as a mood board to inspire and spark more creativity

Health and science editor Kate Green Tripp does a great job of creating themed lists that cover everything from Love & Wisdom to Weird Science, Tech Takeover, and Human Patterns.

Sometimes we just want a place to feature our longstanding favorite, bookmarked reads to share with others

There are so many gems on Medium, and many of us frequently rely on the popular ‘bookmark’ feature to save and archive our favorite reads:



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