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How Has the Pandemic Affected Your Writing?

Photo: Yannick Pulver/Unsplash

I’m going to admit something very annoying here: I’ve gotten a lot of writing done over the past year. Yes, I write as part of my job, but I mean my outside-of-job writing — fiction and essays. The quieting of New York City, the decrease of weekend options, the difficulty of social interactions, and the constant reminders that life is short so we’d better live our values now — somehow, it’s worked for me. (Don’t worry, I accidentally murdered my sourdough starter and I still can’t run a mile; it’s not like I’m doing universally well.)

But I know many writers who haven’t written a word since the lockdowns began. Cloistered with children, partners, roommates, and oh yeah, the constant anxiety of an uncertain future, some writer-friends have told me they’re just giving up creative pursuits for now. People are worried about their jobs, their health, the future of society — all that plus keeping all those pandemic puppies alive? It’s a lot.

What about you? Has the pandemic been a time of increased creativity, born of a forced turn inwards? Or has it shut you down creatively? Or have you found tricky ways to keep yourself writing in the midst of a crowded life — whether that’s journaling in the bathtub, or dictating story ideas into your voice memos as you walk around the park, or hiding in your car while you tap out a Medium post on your phone? Let us know in the comments! We’ll publish a roundup of your responses soon.



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