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How to Talk to Your Future Self | Weekly Roundup

Medium creators’ responses to this week’s writing prompts 🐯

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This week we suggested some writing prompts related to Lunar New Year (and Year of the Tiger!). Where do you see yourself in the future? What’s your vision for the year ahead? And/or… what does the word “tiger” evoke for you?

Many of you responded, and some of you wrote with us during our open Writing Hour. It was fun! Setting aside a writing hour can really change your whole day— whether it’s a pre-scheduled Zoom with us, some time in a cafe with a writer pal, or a stolen solo moment whenever you can swing it.

Here are a couple stories that stood out this week, but honestly there are so many great ones it was really hard to pick! Y’all are amazing.

My Word for 2022 is ‘Expansiveness’

We need to feel safe to do hard things. We need to feel safe to expand. And wow did I feel safe in this masked and vaxxed, queer-friendly, community-oriented barbell club.

As I made my way from the far corner of the gym where I trained to the door, I passed a group of folks moving in sync with PVC in preparation for working with a barbell and I noticed a gentle tug around my heart. Watching them move I wanted to move with them. My attention then shifted to a small group of boxers. As they threw a jab and then a cross to the beat of music I could feel each land in my gut in a grounding way. It was as if I was with them even though I wasn’t part of the class. When I surround myself with vibrations caused by people and their voices, their weights hitting the floor, and their gloves landing on pads I find my most powerful antidote to shrinking. — Laura Khoudari

Hello you. You’re 72. Now What?

Dear Me:

You’re 72 and you are in the same position as you were at 52 when you had nothing to say to your 62-year old self. What is there to say that hasn’t already been said? You’re not even 100-percent certain you will still be alive in ten years.

What you do know for certain is that at 62 you were where you wanted to be at age 52 — except it wasn’t the same space. You didn’t know enough at that time to be confidant about where you landed, but ten years later you were exactly where you dreamt of being.

Now you’re 72 and even that is a miracle. Can you believe it’s been 20 years since you nearly lost your life to Stevens-Johnson Syndrome? The doctors had you pegged for toes up on a cooling board and the shame of it all is that you can’t talk to anyone about that miracle because they’d never believe you anyway. — Shereenrenee

Writing to the Word Tiger

Dear Word Tiger,

You are impossible to train. When I’m onstage, you prowl anxiously, figure-eighting in my belly, but silent. I hear your low growl, but your words do not come. I open my mouth but it is empty of speech, of breath, of release.

I swoosh down the stage steps to my waiting friend and you awake. The Word Tiger embraces her, licks her face and bubbles out the experience. There are no stops or sensible conclusions, just a steady peddling of words and paws. My friend hugs and listens. Her tiger has told her this is not her time to speak. — Angela Buzan

And I have to shout out this very unique take on the tiger prompt — a quiz about tigers. See how well you do!

Take a look at the Write Here topic page for more responses to recent prompts. And please join us for open writing hours every Thursday at 1:30 p.m. PT / 4:30 p.m. ET, through March 31. You can use this meeting link to join (the passcode is: Medium).



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