Writing Prompts: What Would You Do With An Extra Hour?

Writing prompts about what do we do with lost & found time

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2 min readNov 8, 2021


Clocks were set back by an hour yesterday in the US as Daylight Savings Time ended.

It’s a curious sensation, getting back the hour that was taken from you in the Spring. Just like a tax refund, it was always yours, but feels like a bonus when it returns to you.

The extra hour is an illusion, but a useful one. You could choose to spend the hour on something productive, or an indulgence, like one more episode of your favorite hour-long drama.

I chose to spend my extra hour sleeping (and don’t regret it one bit). What about you? If you had an extra hour on Sunday, what did you spend it on? — and what would you do with an extra hour if you got one every day, for real?

Continuing on the theme that Amy Shearn had you consider in last week’s prompts, here are some more prompts on time, lost and found.

As always, publish your response (poetry, prose, whatever) on Medium and tag it #Writehere so we can all find each others’ work on the Write Here topic page.


Extra Hours

If days were suddenly 25 hours long instead of 24, what would you do with the extra hour? What would you cut from your life if you only got 23?

Four-Day Workweeks

Some business leaders and activists have been advocating for the four-day workweek. How would a four day workweek change your life? What would you do with your weekends if they were always three days long?

Reclaiming a Lost Year

Does it feel like you’ve lost the last year and more to the pandemic? Or did it open up unexpected possibilities for you? How did it affect what you had planned for yourself? Are you setting yourself back on the track you were on before, or did the last year change the course of your journey for the long term?


Leave them in the responses and we will try to address them all. And don’t forget to check back here every Monday for new prompts and tips.

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