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New to Medium and don’t know what to write about? Struggling with writer’s block and trying to get unstuck? Need some help getting your awesome essays in front of the right audience?

Start Write Here, Medium’s new space for ideas, tips and topics to help you get started writing on Medium.


Every Monday, we’ll post three new writing prompts to help you get your creative juices flowing. Each prompt is just a starting point — feel free to take it wherever you’d like (Does a prompt inspire a poem? A fictional story? A single sentence? A whole essay? All great!). One more note: We’d love to see what you’re writing! Add your piece to the conversation by adding the tag “Writehere” before you hit publish. That’s it! You’re already off to a great start toward success on Medium.


Write Here is a space for writers who love to write whenever, wherever about whatever. The random prompts not only help spark creativity, but they also help create a community of unique discourse amongst the responses. Plus, Medium editors will be able to see, share and support the work of writers who choose to write each week! So let’s get started!

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What does “freedom” mean to you?

Independence Day is right around the corner but what does it mean to be truly free in America? Are all of us free when some of us are still fighting for their rights? How has your definition of freedom changed since the pandemic? Have you ever felt you were in a situation where you couldn’t get free? Write about your definition of freedom and tag “WriteHere.”

Write about an impactful Summertime memory.

The first time you went to the beach? Your first Summer romance? The boredom of Summer vacation? The nostalgia of hearing your favorite Summertime jam? Do you know someone named summer who had a big impact on you? Tell us what comes to mind when you think about Summer and tag “WriteHere.”

What’s going right in your life today?

Did an unexpected check come in the mail? Did you get some good news? Is the weather just perfect at your place in the world? Tell us what put a smile on your face today and tag “WriteHere.”


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