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Long Nights, Big Changes | Write Here Wednesday

Photo by Jonatan Pie on Unsplash

Recently, we’ve asked you to write about dark times, notable re-dos, and recipes of various sorts. It’s so much fun to read through your responses! I really encourage everyone to check out the Write Here topic page — there is so much interesting writing on every topic, in every genre. Here’s just a taste:

A Dark Night In Omaha

OMAHA, Nebraska — Another night ends and turns to morning while I’m still at work. I sign off on A1 of the paper’s fifth edition, the metro, and make my way out to my dark car sitting alone on a silent downtown street that in six hours will be bustling with morning business.

I drive home slowly through the deserted streets, past the First National Tower, Joslyn Art Museum, UNMC, and Memorial Park. Maybe I stop at a shockingly bright but blissfully deserted 24-hour supermarket for frozen pizza and wine. But that’s my sole available destination — even the bars are closed. — Matt Savener

Poem: Black Butterfly

Black Butterfly, Black Butterfly
Out of the darkness
And into the light … — Erin M.

Haiku: A Dark Night

The night gets darker
when the moon craws up the sky —
house fire crackles. — Andawn F.

The First Kill is (Not) the Hardest

The first kill is the hardest. Or so he thought.

The taking of innocent life would scarcely trouble a depraved killer. But what about a middle-aged animal lover who gently cups a wayward wasp into his hand and escorts it out of the house instead of grabbing a can of Raid? Deborah Camp

I Am Going to Singapore

So, so…I live in Bali, right? You all know that.

But guess what happened? I met a girl, and she swept me off my feet. So I’m answering the universe’s call, and I’ll take the risk and do it.

Why? I’m an explorer, not a puppet to my current life. If I feel something else is brewing like hot coffee, and I smell it, I go for it. So now I’m taking a trip, and I’m devoting myself to this chance, as it’s meaningful. Rob Hourmont

I Moved To An Island And It’s An Epic Experience

A few weeks ago, we left our big apartment — which almost destroyed my marriage — behind.

I made one of my biggest dreams come true.

I moved to a German island to start a digital nomad life.

I closed the door to my past 30-something and opened the door to my future 30-something. — Kristina God

Favourite Family Recipe: The Classic Fish Finger Sandwich

I am British and what this means as a foodie is “If it fits in a Sandwich, it goes it to a sandwich”.

Be it chips (chip butty), banana sandwich, Cheese and apple, crisp sandwich, or even a mash potato and pea sandwich.

However, my all time family favourite is the fish finger sandwich. Nothing beats it!Trisha Dunbar

This Is My Recipe for an Ideal Day in Life

Put the pan of “Do Not Disturb” on heat upon opening the eyes.

Add a couple spoonfuls of gratitude journaling mixed with a pour of thoughts. Stir well until consistent.

When done, add a cup of meditation to calm the mind and bring mindfulness.

When it starts to settle down, add a joyful sprinkle of hot coffee.

As the coffee brings you alive, add bags of writing sessions. Turn the mind heat to low in order to let the ideas simmer, and the flavorful thoughts seep in.

After the writing sessions are done cooking, add the spices of a refreshing workout. Remember to turn up the heat now. — Tarun Gupta

Want to be featured in the next Write Here Wednesday? Check out our weekly prompts, write out a response, and tag “Writehere.”



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