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Open Thread Highlights: The Stories That Moved You Most

We asked, you shared. Here are 8 of your favorite stories and writers from across the Mediumverse.

A million shades of happiness

Melissa Toldy recommended Matthew Perpetua, music critic and creator of Fluxblog (the original MP3 blog). Here’s Perpetua explaining why Lorde’s latest banger, “Solar Power,” is so great:

On survival and strength

Vidhipssa Mohan sharedEverything You Lose Is Not a Loss,” a reflection on resilience by Elisabeth Ovesen (it’s relevant to all of us, especially after last year):

Our couches, ourselves

Niru connected withYou Are More Than the Living Room Furniture” by Christie Megill, an essay about motherhood and ambition and growing up:

Don’t believe everything you read on the internet

Writer thinkeuse re-upped a fascinating longread from OneZero — the saga of a GoFundMe scam netting over $100,000 in donations from unsuspecting friends and family:

Avenue of escape

Wolfie Bain suggestedPressing ‘esc,’ Followed by Waves,” a lyrical essay by Jee Young Park with original illustrations:

Illustration by Jee Young Park

The bots are not alright

Factory of Mirrors highlighted sci-fi novelist Tom B. Night’s thought experiment about natural selection and the future of A.I. Night asks: Will A.I. one day become “intelligent” enough to self-destruct?

Skull and bones

Fox Kerry encouraged everyone to follow Roy, Medium’s resident cartoon skeleton. These original 3D renderings of a sunglasses-wearing ghoul are unlike anything on Medium (or the entire internet):

Illustration by Roy

A very personal palm reading

And Samantha Lazar spotlighted Melissa Coffey’s poetic personal essay, “Motherlines: A Memoir on Lineage, Loss and Secrets”:



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