Prolific writing will sharpen your thinking

Was it useful to work on a draft even if the finished piece feels meh? Is it valuable to write and write if I find little reception? I’m finding myself having these questions as I work on longform essays. I’m putting more research, time, and thought into the works, and I’m noticing these discouraging thoughts show up. Is this really worth the time you’re putting in? This is nothing compared to the brilliant writing from [insert magazine here].

Julie Zhuo explores these creative tensions, in particular while working on novels during . The goal is to get to a 50,000 word novel, and it’s tough. Even if the finished book isn’t a masterpiece, or it isn’t read by anyone else, it’s still valuable:

NaNoWriMo taught me that writing, reading and thinking go hand-in-hand. As my words sharpened, so did the clarity of my ideas. What used to be an amorphous haze of emotions and fragments now, more often than not, present themselves as a series of structured thoughts.

For more insights on the value of the process, even for longer, more challenging works, check out “” by Julie Zhuo.

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