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Reminders & Remembrances | Weekly Roundup

Medium creators’ responses to this week’s writing prompts

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Hey, Write Here community: I want to acknowledge that y’all have really been writing your hearts out on Medium lately. I just spent some of my morning reading some of the loveliest and most honest and raw stories about your family memories, difficult times, and what you’re grateful for. And it occurred to me that I’m grateful that we all have this space to write, and that so many people share so much of themselves on Medium every day. Thank you for being here!

Here are a couple great pieces I wanted to highlight, but there are many more on the Write Here topic page — I encourage you to take a look.

The Chatter Amidst the Silence

We live on the outskirts of the countryside. When the complete lockdown was declared last year and humans limited their interactions with one another, Nature became visible. The colours of flora captured our eyes and the sounds of fauna filled our ears. The stillness of night transcended beyond the darkness and stepped into daylight — only the sound of the crickets got replaced by the sound of the cicadas and birds... — Rumi

The Mother I Never Had

My mom died in early February, in her sleep, alone.

While I was celebrating Lunar New Year with my family over a giant Korean feast, she had been dead for a day, maybe two.

I haven’t seen or spoken to my mom in 10 years. And even before that, our relationship was complicated. Dysfunctional, if we’re getting specific. Abusive, if we’re being honest…I have never been able to describe my mother to people in a way that accurately depicts the essence of who she was. You really had to see it to believe it, to experience her for yourself. But I never wanted to give anyone the chance. I fought hard to keep her hidden, separate, as far away as possible from the rest of my life. I was ashamed of her, embarrassed by her.

I was also angry with her. Deeply hurt by her. Sad for her. — Christina Donnell

Romance on the Metro

In my mind’s eye, the metro ticket is wrinkled and blue, but when I find it in the scrapbook, it turns out to be smooth and green. It is stuck to the back of the only photo I have to prove I once had a French boyfriend. — Brianna Conrey

Weathering Change

The weather can play havoc with knowing what to wear, and you don’t leave home without some winter clothing. But it’s change. It can bring on a energy burst when the weather is warm, you want to be outside. You want to get those little outside chores done. You start thinking of spring and planting and soon the flowers joining us. Or it’s a great day to hike in the woods, go sledding if there is still snow on the ground or just simply take a beautiful walk around town. — Juanita Ellingson


Deposits in streams get eroded and evolve, sometimes turning into larger rocks if the water is swift. Life can be fast, speeding up details and situations, filling our day with enough stones, we may sometimes wonder if life will ever slow down or if things will get smoothed out or over. I felt that way this past week. My life was anything but smooth. As days wore on, more work and attention towards solutions and details were needed. I had doubts whether I would get back on the computer to write and if my head could clear away the rubble that was left. Eventually, and through much adjudication, some things were able to be resolved. There’s still a few pebbles which will leave when it’s possible. That kind of thinking brought acceptance. — Giulietta Passarelli

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Thank you for writing with us!




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