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Writing Prompts: It’s the Season of Creative Energy 🌸

This week’s writing prompts are about your rants, raves, and everything in between

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Spring is a tricky time. One day (here on the East Coast of the Western Hemisphere, anyway) it’s sunny and bright and everything’s all crocuses and robins and we think, “Hey! Life is pretty amazing!” And then the next day it’s pouring and wintry and there’s rumors of a new variant and… well, you know. But spring always strikes me as a particularly creative time — the trees and grass revive, there are springtime holidays about rebirth and reconsiderations, and the stores are stocked with jellybeans (which are a superfood, as everyone knows).

Let’s harness that creative spark! This week’s prompts are about embracing the whole gamut — the highs, the lows, your unpopular favorites and unexpected grumbles.

What’s your least favorite thing about spring?

It’s easy enough to expound upon the wonderful things about the springtime. The sweetening of the air! The tender buds and chirping birds! But what about the rest of it? The mud, the weird weather, the scramble to sign up your kids for summer camps? What do you low-key hate about the season — maybe something every one else loves about it?

What’s the next thing you’re excited about?

Ranting and complaining are all well and good (no really, I love them), but let’s think positively for a moment. What’s the next thing you’re looking forward to? Is it something at work you’re excited about? Is it what you’re having for dinner? Think small, immediate, baby steps.

What’s your unpopular movie opinion?

It’s Oscar season, that time of year when I tend to think “Wow I really haven’t seen a lot of movies.” How about you? Give us your low-stakes take that no one else shares — your unexpected actor crush; the underrated film you’re obsessed with; the beloved movie you can’t stand.

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Leave them in the responses and we will try to address them all. Don’t forget to check back here every Monday for new prompts and tips.

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