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Writing Prompts: Recipes

This week’s writing prompts involve recipes, but not all are for actual food 🥘

As I write this, it’s the week of Thanksgiving, that wonderful and strange American holiday when everyone cooks for days, eats way too much, and then sits around groaning, “Why did we eat so much?” It has me thinking about food, family recipes, and what it takes to make something feel special.

As always, publish your responses to these prompts — whatever form they take — on Medium. Tag them#Writehere so we can all find each others’ work on the Write Here topic page.


Recipe for Disaster

Imagine two people from your life who have nothing in common, who you can’t at all imagine getting along, and — that’s right — put them together. What if your straightlaced best friend had to share a cab with your most outrageous aunt? What if your scary boss’s boss’s boss had a sitdown with your anarchic toddler? Write the scene.

Recipe for Life

What would your ideal day look like? Write it out like a recipe, whatever that means to you. (For ex: One heaping hour of a walking meeting, stir well with a brainstorm session, and sprinkle with your favorite coffee… you get the idea.)

A Favorite Family Recipe

You know how cooking bloggers write a whole little mini-essay before they tell you how many eggs you need? Now it’s your turn. Take a favorite family recipe and write it out, but first, add some context about why it’s so beloved. This might be because it’s delicious, or it might be because it’s absurd, or it might be just because of the memories it stirs up. Let us know!

We won’t have a Wednesday roundup of responses this week because of the holiday — but we will be checking the topic page and will compile some favorites next week.


Leave them in the responses and we will try to address them all. And don’t forget to check back here every Monday for new prompts and tips.

Check out Write Here guidelines and last week’s prompts:




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