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Tips and writing advice from Medium

The other day I read an HBR article about a company executive who discovers that employees are using the office copier for personal reasons. He creates a memo to address it. And he goes through three levels of revisions:

  • First, eliminate wordiness
  • Then, get the tone right
  • Finally, make the…

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Writing isn’t just about shaping your thoughts into words, or recording your knowledge and expertise for posterity — it’s about connecting with other people. Stories and ideas are powerful: They can change how we think, how we go about our lives, and who we become. But in order for that…


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Does writing make you notice more things, or does noticing more things make you a writer? I’m not sure there’s really one answer, but I do know that being a writer can help a person to work those noticing muscles, to learn to see stories in strangers or overheard snippets…

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Once upon a time, Medium decided to hold an essay-writing challenge. We hoped this would inspire a lot of people to write, but we didn’t expect to get nearly 10,000 entries! We were committed to reading every single entry, so our crew of curators, staff, and eventually, guest judges, were…

We’ve gathered some of the most useful resources, advice, and inspiration for writing on Medium. This is a good place to start, and by no means exhaustive. If you’ve found more resources you love, drop them in the comments!

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“I am a writer.” by DavidTurnbull is licensed under CC BY 2.0

A few years ago, I met a famous novelist at a conference. He’d sold millions of books. It seemed like he published a new book every time the wind changed direction. As I told him about National Novel Writing Month (aka NaNoWriMo), he turned skeptical, and he asked me, “How…


It’s the season for everyone’s low-stakes hot takes on who loves autumn the most. (Spoiler alert: It’s me! But I liked it before it was like a THING, I SWEAR.) Forgive this very Eastern-Woodlands-of-North-America-centered take, but where I am, this is a season of change, a season that reminds us…

Hello World

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Thousands of times a day, someone will publish on Medium. There are stories about whale populations and living in a windmill and the trouble with tipping. Many of these stories are written by writers who’ve hit the publish button for the very first time. To those fine folks, we’re here…

Did you know that Jay Asher’s Thirteen Reasons Why started out with a different title? He had named it Baker’s Dozen, given Hannah Baker is the main character and she shares thirteen tapes, with the number thirteen being commonly known as a baker’s dozen.

Like most authors, Asher didn’t really…

A CPT 8100 computer, from the late 1970s

Writing is hard. But you know what can be even harder?


Often I’ve written something — a magazine piece, a blog post, a chapter in a book — and I have to rewrite it. Maybe the editors have asked me to shorten or restructure it. Maybe the language in…

Creators Hub

Tips and writing advice from Medium

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