How much do you hate bots?

You know when you follow someone on Twitter simply because she or he started to following you and it made you feel “oh cool someone likes my staff! #excited ”.

But the punch in the face comes when you realize it was not a real person just another automated following. So we can say it it was a BOT. #annoyed

But not the all the bots are that bad if you put some heart into it. #creativity

I am so hopeful about our video messaging bot called @vixtbot and I wish it will bring you more joy and fun time instead of frustration. You can find it and use it straight away on Telegram (I assume that you know this pretty cool messanger). This Telegram Messenger bot can help you communicate through mashup videos. It works automatically. Just open any of your chats in Telegram and type @vixtbot something in the message field. Then tap on a result to send.

For example, try typing: @vixtbot hello check this out.

VixT bots on ProductHunt:

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