Getting Work Done — Slay Your To-Do List With This Music

Productivity while working is an essential part of our professional lives. While some of our days can be super productive, encouraging us to get the most work done, on some days, we may just feel stuck. Whether it’s due to mental blocks, distractions, or the inability to comprehend the task at hand, a better state of mind can always help.

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Music is a tool that can help calm the mind, make us feel relaxed, and allow us to think clearly, and discussing that further, this blog lists five types of music that can dramatically increase productivity.

1. Classical Music

Classical music can come to your rescue when you are sitting at your desk, trying to get a task done, but unable to think clearly. Researchers have long been concluding that classical music can help relax our minds, also enhancing productivity while working.

According to a theory called “Mozart Effect,” listening to classical music can improve brain activity and help maintain good health.Another study suggests that students listening to classical music while studying could perform 12% better in exams.

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So, whether it’s the “Raga Bhairavi,” Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata,” Anoushka Shankar’s “Lasya,” or Antonio Vivaldi’s “Gloria D,” these beautiful classical pieces can be the perfect work focus music tracks for you.

2. Nature’s Healing Sounds and Music

Hundreds and thousands of videos with nature music and sounds can be found on YouTube. In fact, many upcoming automobile audio systems are coming packed with relaxing nature sounds and tracks that can relax the cluttered mind and help us improve productivity and focus.

Sounds of nature such as birds chirping, crickets crackling, waves colliding, or water slowly falling down a waterfall are known to improve cognitive health and increase concentration.

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From putting you to sleep to helping you get into a deep meditative state, or revitalizing your mind to pick up the task(s) at hand, this type of music can do it all.

3. Slow, Low, and Reverb

One of the latest and most popular trends of “slow+reverb” can actually help you relax and boost your productivity. First of all, these slowed-down pieces with high reverb are usually played between 50–80 bpm, which is a recommended bpm rate for increasing productivity.

A recent study conducted by Dr. Emma Gray in collaboration with Spotify concluded that musical pieces between 50–80 bpm can put the mind in an alpha state.

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During awake hours, most humans are in a beta state, coupled with brain-wave activity between 14–30 Hz. However, while listening to slower music (50–80 bpm), our brain-wave activity can ease down to 7–14 Hz. This can help us have a relaxed approach to tasks at hand, make informed decisions, and be more productive. Also, music with a higher proportion of soft bass notes (lower frequency notes) can help relax the mind, enabling us to concentrate better.

4. Instrumental Music

We often believe that our favorite tracks make the best productivity music, helping us study or work better, but, in most cases, that’s not the case.

Your favorite music tracks could be those that you enjoy in your car or dance or headbang to. However, the lyrics of these songs may already be stuck in your head, playing beat-by-beat when you listen to them while working.

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Result? Continuous distraction!

One way of dealing with such concerns is to stop listening to your favorite music while working, or you can find new favorites in instrumental tracks.

Steve Vai’s “Tender Surrender,” 2 Cellos’ “They Don’t Care About Us,” Brian Jones’ “Take me with you, my darling,” and many more instrumental tracks can help you focus better at work and studies, with no lyrics at all.

However, your old work/study playlists may always require a routine revamp to rest your recall, and activate your focus.

5. Video Game Music

For a moment, close your eyes and revisit the iconic “Mario tune.” Not only does it take you back in time giving a touch of nostalgia, but it can also help you feel relieved and joyful. And not only this one tune. There are myriads of video game music tracks that can do that for you.

Video games are designed in such a way that the players can feel all kinds of emotions throughout the game, and music helps set the tone and character for scenes and themes in video games. So, it may help in real life too.

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Feeling curious? Try it out on your own with Assassin’s Creed 2’s official track.

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