10 Twitch Channels to shake up your Netflix habits

It’s safe to say majority of people have watched or are watching content through streaming services. Netflix, mainly, being the major player with others like Crave TV, Crunch Roll and Hulu, there’s no shortage of ways to watch your favorite content.

Most of the informed will quickly point out Twitch is the best place to watch gaming content, but there’s so much more. Twitch Presents. offers marathons of your favorite shows. As the Twitch user base grows, so does the content. As Twitch tests it’s BETA platform, which so far has run smoothly and offers a rich experience, they don’t seem poised to slow down.

I showcase to you; 10 Twitch streamers, communities and channels to shake up your Netflix habit.


Offering 24/7 Fail Army videos, funny commentary and occasional marathon of shows which is sure to pick up, the Comedy Stream community is a great place to be. While waiting for new episodes of your favorite shows, you can fill your time with the hilarity of this community.


One of the more unique places on Twitch, offering what they describe as a…

Community for down-to-earth streamers and viewers! Come in for good vibes and conversation!(Streams can be in any format — IRL, gameplay, social eating, etc)

From the latest reviews on conventions, game play through some of the best games, and great creative content give a change from the norm of what you’d usually watch.


A highly viewed community and one of the longest standing on the Twitch platform.

Viewers: This Community is for everyone looking for awesome Broadcasters who love to bring their viewers all kinds of different content. They will bring you new games, old games, be creative with you or just share their life in the IRL section. In any case they will try to make your day as awesome as possible.
Broadcasters: Every Broadcaster is very welcome, especially those whose main focus is on close engagement to their community and a positive environment. Give your viewers an awesome time, change peoples day to the better and maybe show them that there are many other great people on Twitch

An endless source of new and creative content that is available 24/7 and it’s constantly becoming larger.


The anime community is one of the best on Twitch. Offering multiple 24–7 marathons one numerous popular shows.

Here on /anime we aim to be a fun cool community of anime enthusiasts who want to find others to share in their passion of the Japanese animation style we’ve all grown up with and love. With art and gaming..

Look to widen your knowledge and view of anime with this great community.


Probably the largest viewership on this list, with constant marathons and exclusive events. What makes this channel so special is the user base in the comments. While it runs at a fast pace, it’s is hands down one of the funniest places on web to enjoy what you’re watching with,

While its induction is relatively new, it boast a lot of potential and great content coming up.


This is the best place for exclusive game creation content and following some of the best Indy games from start to finish.

This community is aimed at sharing the art and science of video game creation with Twitch. Check out this list of games being developed: List of games being developed on Twitch Broadcast content generally aimed at developing video games. That usually means work directly aimed at creating a game, but could also be tutorial content or analysis of game design.


Programming | Art | Animation | Music | Sound | Game Design | Level Design | Play Testing |Game Analysis/Review


This is one of the best places to not only learn, but have real time interaction with great developers. Building anything from sites to web based RPGs, this community is a must watch for the tech enthusiast.


This channel showcases great content of all varieties. With endless live streams of many professionals and soon to be pros bringing valuable media to all.

Learning to face paint at a high level, 3D printing, drawing, TwitchCon and editing YouTube videos, there no shortage of information that can educate and keep you busy for hours.


This is a great channel to take in some of the coolest and best new music being made. Again, you can connect directly with each artist and musician while you learn and interact.

Singers. Songwriters. Guitarists. Pianists. Drummers. DJs. Composers. Producers. Musicians of every genre! Here will you find all of these musical artists honing and sharing their craft with the masses. Every channel is a concerto on your computer screen!


Showing the latest and greatest in League of Legends, Riot Games has consistent content on all things LoL. This growing worldwide community has a structure within Twitch that allows it to succeed. Not to mention the buzzing hype around various tournaments both online & LAN.

Expert simulcasts and analysis make it the ESPN of Twitch eSports for LoL.

Thanks for taking the time to check this out :)

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