5 inspiring creators with under 1k subs

You don’t need high exposure to be an amazing creator.

Casper Nielsen
Oct 27, 2019 · 4 min read

Creator culture has become so established that every 1/3 American kid wants to be a digital creator today. All it takes to get started is a good idea, a smartphone and an internet connection. 💡

However — to be discovered and turn a YouTube channel into a sustainable way of living, you need to be equally capable of marketing yourself: everything from writing catchy video titles, designing attention-grabbing thumbnails to spreading awareness on social media. The recommendation and search algorithms favors the already big channels, making it hard to break through as an aspiring creator. 😬

Sadly, a lot of smaller creators either don’t have the resources nor abilities to excel at marketing themselves. This means that despite all the hard work they put into creating high quality work, they might not get any recognition in return.

But you can be an amazing creator even if nobody sees your content.

To prove this point, I have collected 5 lesser known creators below. Creators, who I find truly underrated considering the low exposure they have compared to the high quality of their work. 👇

1. Vicky Pham

Relatable, down-to-earth cooking inspiration from Vietnam.
🥑 Food · 600 followers

The kitchen truly is Vicky’s playground. She spends her spare time practicing and perfecting traditional Vietnamese home cooking. As an uncompensated full-time caregiver to her two children, she sets realistic cooking expectations and shares recipes that are both quick, delicious and easy to approach.

2. Anders Kristoffersen

Inspiring people to follow their passion through photography.
📸 Photography · 360 followers

Anders incorporates storytelling in all his photos, stating that content creation should not be focused on selling, but rather on portraying yourself in the most true and honest way. He wants to inspire people to follow their passion and helps them let their personality shine through with his photography.

3. Jackson Cusack

Creates stunning outdoor videos centered around parkour.
Filmmaking · 693 subscribers

Australian Jackson creates extremely well produced and visually pleasing videos, centered around parkour and freerunning. Using impressive drone shots he manages to capture both the intense movement and the stunning landscapes in a thrilling way that is hard to stop watching.

4. Iris König

Urban photographer and architecture enthusiast.
Photography · 998 followers

Iris has based her photography around her passion for architecture, as well as urban street photography — and more specifically women skateboarding. She lives in Berlin and captures the city in her own unique angles.

5. Create With Connor

Online musician and collaborative art channel.
Photography · 167 subscribers

Connor is an online musician and host of the collaborative art channel, Create With Connor, where he encourages friends and fellow artists to be creative and make meaningful art together. Join him to meet other like-minded creators and combine your talents and interests to build new friendships and kick-ass work for your creative portfolio.

Check out creatorspot.co if you want to discover more underrated creators. Let’s inspire people to create more by giving them the recognition they truly deserve. 💎✨


Empowering underrated creators.

Casper Nielsen

Written by


Empowering underrated creators.

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