Is Pewdiepie 2000x better than the average YouTube gamer?

CreatorSpot challenges the way attention is divided among creators.

Oct 13, 2019 · 2 min read
All Pewdiepie’s videos get 6.000.000 views in average.

Swedish YouTube phenomenon and gamer, Pewdiepie, is one of the biggest YouTubers in the world. In average, his videos has 2.000 times more views than the average YouTube gamer’s videos.

Does that mean that Pewdiepie is also 2000 times better? 🤨

The algorithm thinks so. In fact, the YouTube algorithm favors all the biggest creators to make sure they always stay on top in your searches and recommendations. No doubt Pewdiepie is good, but there are many other creators out there who produce just as good content without getting nearly the same amount of exposure.

You can be an amazing creator even if nobody sees your content. 🔥

There is something off in the way the attention is divided. People get stuck in the same filter bubbles 🔮, getting the same recommendations over and over again.

This is a huge issue when we have an established culture around creation like never before. Every 1/3 American kid wants to be a digital creator today. But how do you make a splash in the ever expanding ocean of creators, without being a marketing expert or professional growth hacker? 🤔

At CreatorSpot we strive to empower underrated creators. To challenge the established algorithms by enabling a strong creator community to curate the best and most inspiring upcoming creators out there. Every day we feature new, underrated creators on our digital platform. Creators, that we believe deserve more attention.

CreatorSpot features fresh, underrated creators every day.

On you can:

👀 Explore underrated creators across all platforms.
🔥 Submit yourself as a creator and get discovered.
💎 Add creators you admire and earn karma!
👍 Upvote the best and give them the attention they deserve.
📫 Get a weekly digest of the most upvoted creators!

We hope that you will join our journey and help us empower all the underrated creators out there! 🚀


Empowering underrated creators.


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Empowering the most interesting and underrated creators on the internet.


Empowering underrated creators.

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