Women’s pants’ pockets used to be generously deep. Only in the past few years have manufacturers given us the SHORT shift.

CNN reported. Clinton recently addressed the claims when she appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, calling it “part of the wacky strategy”. But, similar to Trump, Clinton’s physician has repeatedly affirmed her health and fitness. Donald Trump challenges Clinton to release medical records Trump has long tried to portray Clinton as without sufficient stamina to serve as president Trump has long tried to portray Clinton as without sufficient stamina.

Writing in the journal Negotiation and Conflict Management Research, Roy Lewicki, a professor at Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business, lists six elements of successful apologies:

  1. Expression of regret
  2. Explanation of what went wrong
  3. Acknowledgment of responsibility
  4. Declaration of repentance
  5. Offer of repair
  6. Request for forgiveness
  7. Reddit
  8. It has to do with figure profile. Hour glass curves are disrupted by full pockets. You can make it more complicated by mixing in advertisers and designers picking up on needing an alternative storage container(s), and seeing the purse as a cash cow. But in this case, the aesthetics came first.
  1. Obama said the country’s direct involvement in these actions over the last several weeks raises very serious questions about their commitment to pulling the situation back from the brink. “The US remains prepared to work with Russia to try to reduce the violence and strengthen our efforts against ISIL and Al-Qaeda in Syria, but so far Russia has failed to take the necessary steps.” Given the deteriorating situation, it is time for Russia to show that it is serious about pursuing these objectives,” he said. Press Trust of India.
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