Capture the Kodak Moment of your Life

Time Consciousness is more important than Time Management

As my friends, you may be wondering why did I change my style of posting and shared so many pictures of places in Singapore recently from #Instagram.

For the last 40 days, I have realized I was moving way too fast, chasing numbers, meeting KPIs or perhaps showing off how well I am doing…at least on Facebook. Doesn’t this sound familiar to you?

Among some of the strangest places I have taken photographs include HDB flat, under the overhead bridge, under a tree, the sky, the cloud formation, elderly crossing the road and even the cemetery when I visited my dad’s grave recently.

There are so many places with interesting color and perspectives. All we need to do in order to enjoy them is to stop, or at least slow down, look up or look around you. Take a moment, admire its beauty and appreciate its existence. You can be more productive when are visually open to what the surrounding is offering you. You begin to enjoy life a lot more than enduring it.

At the end of the day, we do not really remember our days; however good or bad it is….. but we do remember our little moments in life. Enjoy more moments with nature, surround and life.

I have walked the talk in the last 40 days. I hope this sincere sharing will help you to relax and slow down. It also helped in my health. My BP went from 195 to 130 in 2 months.

Thanks for reading my dear friends. I will continue to share more of my moments through photo with you all.

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