Why we all love Jennifer Lawrence

No, we don’t love her because she won an Oscar only at the age of 22.

No, we don’t love her because she is so effortlessly good looking.

No, we don’t love her because she was in Hunger Games or Silver Linings playbook.

We love her because …….

She exactly knows what is on your mind.

Source : npcwomen.blogspot.com

And never embarrassed to tell what is on her mind as well.

Source : www.popsugar.com

She is always so star-struck, it actually makes her look like a teenager than a star herself.

Source : jenniferlawrencegifs.tumblr.com

Because red carpets are boring without her.

Source : imgur.com

She will present things exactly the way they are.

( Source : www.pbh2.com )

Just like any other person, diets and exercises are not her friends.

( Source : giphy.com )

She does not put up a perfect picture and likes to talk about her problems.

( Source : theperfectgif.tumblr.com)

Whenever you look at stars and their perfect relationships, perfect body, perfect careers you feel like drowning yourself but then when you see Jennifer Lawrence she is exactly like any other girl and inspires you to believe if she can do it so can you :)

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