Updating to Creditcoin 1.3

Tae Oh
Tae Oh
Feb 25 · 1 min read
Pennsylvania coal miner, a black face, 1942 — Wikimedia

We recommend using the latest production images for better mining experience. Also, you can take advantage of a snapshot to upstart your syncing process.

Update Creditcoin Images

Latest docker images have been uploaded to Docker Hub:

REPOSITORY                         TAG                 IMAGE ID    
gluwa/creditcoin-processor 1.3.0/latest b28656b59782
gluwa/creditcoin-client 1.3.0/latest 0d720f4be617
gluwa/creditcoin-validator 1.3.0/latest 0c1d5e4226b1
gluwa/creditcoin-gateway 1.3.0/latest 33645ca8ecf2

Pull latest with these commands:

docker pull gluwa/creditcoin-client:latest
docker pull gluwa/creditcoin-processor:latest
docker pull gluwa/creditcoin-validator:latest
docker pull gluwa/creditcoin-gateway:latest

You can verify you have the latest images by typing docker image ls and verifying the IMAGE ID column matches the values shown above. E.g.

$ sudo docker image ls
gluwa/creditcoin-validator latest 0c1d5e4226b1 47 minutes ago 507MB
gluwa/creditcoin-gateway latest 33645ca8ecf2 49 minutes ago 445MB
gluwa/creditcoin-processor latest b28656b59782 50 minutes ago 256MB

Download Snapshot

We strongly recommend using the published blockchain snapshot to avoid any potential problems.

Find the latest torrent file of the snapshot and instructions here.


Tae Oh

Written by

Tae Oh

Founder and CEO of @gluwa. Founder and Managing Director of @crecfoundation. Sound currency for everyone.


The Creditcoin Foundation dedicates to build a sustainable ecosystem around the Creditcoin network to accelerate technology development and commercial adoption. Follow us for the latest development and announcements.

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